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We are the only truck dealership in New Jersey with the Hino Truck State Contract... which means... if you are a state run organization in need of a medium duty truck, we are your no-headache solution!

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Made in the USA

Hino, a Toyota Group Company, is committed to building products where their customers live and work. Hino Class 6 & 7 Trucks are assembled in Williamstown, West Virginia by Hino Motors Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc..

Building on 35 years experience and reputation as #1 in the Japanese heavy- and medium-duty truck market, Hino Motors, Ltd. is now the fastest growing truck manufacturer in the U.S.

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Success Stories

Township Truck Wrapped in Community

Read the amazing story of how a township's garbage truck was transformed by the local elementary school children into a moving piece of art advocating the concept "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".

While many organizations purchase medium duty trucks to aid their operations, it takes a special vision to create artwork for their truck as noteworthy as the Wrightstown Department of Public Works. The department purchased a new Hino truck from H.K. Truck Center, a medium duty truck dealership located in South Plainfield. Though the Hino was intended as a township garbage truck, some members of their municipality had a much better idea.

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Union City High School

While traveling to away games and tournaments, the Union City High School Marching Band bus was over crowded with students and their instruments, creating an uncomfortable and unsafe travel situation.

Union City High School found H.K. Truck Center’s NJ State Contract online. They proposed an idea for a box truck that would be used the transport all of the equipment. With all of the instruments in a custom box truck. The truck would create more space on the bus for the students and staff to be safe and comfortable as they travel to their events.

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Denville Township

Denville Township was one of our first municipalities to purchase off the State Contract and he couldn’t be happier to share his experience!

“I didn’t have to put together a bid spec, give it to the office, have them send it to legal, have them look at it and then send it out. Then wait thirty days or another two weeks on top of that just for them to put their exceptions in and then wait for someone to vote on it and then to go and say ‘Now we can buy it’. You’re 60 days into it and you’re waiting another 90-120 days for delivery so being in a no-bid position is also very key.” - Michael Weeks

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West Windsor Township

West Windsor Township Public Works was looking to replace an older vehicle and chose the convenience of purchasing off the NJ State Contract.

"The people were great. Everyone was very helpful, even the people who put the truck body on for them. Everything went very smoothly. There were no problems at all. Everyone was very pleasant and very helpful. I’m very pleased with the way everything went. If I had to, I would definitely recommend them, in fact I already did to other municipalities looking for trucks."

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Wrightstown Borough

David Smith just had his brand new Hino with a New Way garbage body delivered! He took advantage of our NJ State Contract to purchase a new truck from H.K. Truck Center and is bringing the truck back to the Wrightstown Municipality!

“Joe Campoli was our contact for purchasing off the state contract. He did a great job. Absolutely phenomenal. Anytime I called him he answered me. He helped explain the whole process and was on point and on time all the time.” - David Smith

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Township of Somerville - Versatile Municipality Truck


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What is your state contract #?

Our contract number is #T2080.

If you would like to see our state vendor information, please visit the State of New Jersey’s Treasury Website.

What No-bid equipment can I purchase?

The contract covers several different medium duty truck body types. View our brochure to find all your equipment options. Add-ons are available, so do not hesitate to ask our knowledgeable salesmen about them.

Do you have additional literature?

Why yes we do! View our flyer to get the full scoop about our team, work with the state and contract details.

What else can I get?

Relax, the hard part of bidding for your new equipments is over! We get you what you need, when you need it.

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