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Making a Connection with Just One Gesture Creates a Bond that Lives Forever.
Bring Back the Trucker Salute  and Share Your Trucking Stories.

Truck drivers are among those who are risking their personal health and putting in hard work and hours to bring products to stores, hospitals, businesses, etc., so we wanted a way to thank them. Although this year has been difficult for so many, truck drivers played a crucial role in maintaining distribution of life-saving supplies – especially during a global pandemic. 

“We wanted to bring back the simple, yet ebullient tradition of the trucker’s salute – something that puts a smile on children and truck driver’s faces, everywhere. Somewhere along the way it’s lost popularity, but truck drivers remember. We’ve heard many of them say how a simple horn honk requested from a kid makes their week.”

Are you a truck driver who a unique community story? Are you a community member who knows a truck driver who goes above and beyond the call of duty? Chosen submissions will be featured on our social feed!

If you have a joyful memory of your Truck Salute, share with us!

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