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Truckstar Michael Weeks, Denville Township

Truckstar Michael Weeks, Denville Township

We asked our friend Michael Weeks of Denville Township to tell us a little about his experience with H.K. Truck Center, and he couldn’t be happier to share! This is just one of the many ways we try to bring maximum satisfaction to our customers. It’s easy to see why he was a TruckStar of the Month!

Q & A with Michael Weeks, Township of Denville NJ


Township of Denville Clock Tower

Tell us a little about yourself:
“I work for the Township of Denville. I am a garage mechanic and truck purchaser of late. The Superintendent of Public Works turns to me to buy the trucks.”

How did our staff help with some concerns you may have had about your truck?
“The salesman that we were dealing with was well versed in the municipal climate… so he was able to see exactly what a municipality would be looking for in a service truck or fleet truck. He had something that fit our bill: not too small, comfortable, powerful, with certain amenities for when you’re riding around six to eight hours straight plowing snow.”

Did you have a previous relationship with the gentleman that helped you?
“I did not have a relationship prior to him being involved with the sales. His tenure with the county ended right around the time my appointment started at the municipal level.”

So how did you connect with him?
“We were shopping off of the state bid list. Each of the individual counties provides lists of companies that have agreed to facilitate certain needs whether it be grass seed for parks department or salt for the roads, vehicles, equipment, all at a pre-determined price. It’s set up to be fair for all parties concerned, meaning the one’s selling the vehicle and the one’s buying it. No gouging.”

What did you find as a result of buying your truck?
“We try to keep our drivers exclusive to a truck when we are doing snow removal and the guy that I put in it will not get out of it to go home. He’s comfortable with it. It performs what it needs to do comfortably for him with plenty of power to do so. In some areas we have to get into, the truck turns in a very tight radius. We could get it in places the previous trucks couldn’t. He’s in love with it…His wife might be jealous, I’m not sure…”

What specific feature did you like most about the truck?
“The driver likes the tight turning, the interiors: the inside as well as the outside. He finds it very comfortable, well appointed, easy to get to all the controls, easy to understand what they are…He’s older than I am and I’m closer to fifty then forty five… My driver being able to look at everything and find it immediately while being tired after an eight hour shift has worked out quite well for him. That’s another one of the accolades for it.”

What would you say to a friend who was thinking of investing in a similar truck, but wasn’t sure?

Is there anything that you would recommend to Superintendents in terms of helping them with their purchase?
“One of the things that worked quite well for us was the fact that it was so available. A demo unit was assembled and available which was an expedient… Believe me that made it great being in a no bid position. I didn’t have to put together a bid spec, give it to the office, have them send it to legal, have them look at it and then send it out. Then wait thirty days or another two weeks on top of that just for them to put their exceptions in and then wait for someone to vote on it and then to go and say ‘Now we can buy it’. You’re 60 days into it and you’re waiting another 90-120 days for delivery so being in a no-bid position is also very key.”

So how long did it take from when you had contacted the salesman to when you actually got the truck?
“I would have to say it was only 2 ½ – 3 weeks, and of that time better then a week of it was on our own end.”

Which of our dedicated staff served you? Where you satisfied with their support?
“Joe is the one who I dealt with every step of the way with the exception of showing me what numbers they were coming up with on the demo… That was Bert. I was very satisfied with that experience.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add in terms of thoughts or comments?
“I can tell you that it hasn’t been more than nine or ten workdays where Joe hasn’t stopped by on his way past asking “Everything good with the truck? Any issues?” He reaffirms me each time, “If there’s anything, don’t hesitate to call.” When he stopped by to ask whether or not I would do an interview he said, “If you don’t feel comfortable don’t think twice about telling me no.” He waited until I was done with two people ahead of him, never once said ‘Do you mind if I interject a moment? My time is valuable.’ He just waited for his turn in line. There’s a lot of follow up. I have not had that kind of follow up in pieces of equipment that I’ve been involved in the purchase of since I’ve been here and that goes from a quarter of a million dollar front end loaders to a $200,000 roll off truck. No one has followed up as much as he has.”

interview by Three Summers Creative

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