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Hino and Fuso Set New Standards for Fleet Safety Technology

Hino and Fuso Set New Standards for Fleet Safety Technology

Hino and Fuso are raising the bar with state of the art safety technology in their new models, in a time when safety is more important than ever.

Not all technology is equal, especially when it comes to fleet safety. But what kind of technology is appropriate for the trucks in your fleet? When is the technology powerful enough that it’s time upgrade? While the industry has yet to adopt standards, two popular truck manufacturers are setting the benchmarks for fleet safety technology.

In a time where safety technology is better than ever, the trucking industry has continued to experience increased crash fatalities. Statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration show truck accident fatalities have risen steadily since 2012 to just over 8%. Insiders in the trucking industry acknowledge that many of these tragedies are preventable, and technology often focuses on altering the behavior of drivers to decrease the chance of an accident.

Driver fatigue or poor truck performance due to maintenance issues can be very costly when they cause an accident, yet they’re often cited as common problems in fleet management and preludes to dangerous driving. As NationaLease points out in a recent article, the average cost of these accidents is up to 7 million dollars, and often involves multiple parties. This average doesn’t even include the cost of litigation, which can be dragged out for years before a ruling or judgment is awarded.

Despite the advantages of fleet monitoring technology, many companies haven’t yet realized the cost savings. Often manufactured separately from the fleet trucks themselves, it’s difficult to find software that’s appropriate and works properly with an entire fleet. Programmers sometimes just don’t have the insight to what’s important when it comes to their fleet functions.

Two popular medium-duty truck manufacturers, Mitsubishi’s FUSO and Hino Motors, have invested their time in getting the technology right. Both companies stand at the forefront with everyday use of fleet technology. What also stands out is their approach to safety features that empower the managers and drivers to make better decisions when the trucks are out on the road.  Research shows improving truck safety doesn’t only prevent accidents, it also gives fleet owners and managers the power to reduce idling time and increase fuel efficiency, driving down costs. HINO’s software, in particular, takes advantage of this benefit.

Hino’s INSIGHT Telematics is a powerful web-based software that gives fleet managers real-time data while their trucks are out on the road. Not limited to monitoring driver behavior, the system can also offer real-time warnings about low tire pressure and other vehicle health alerts. Fleet managers can set up alerts for driver issues such as harsh braking or unusual acceleration as well as monitor the engine for signs of overheating. A standard feature with all 2017 trucks, it can also be fitted to any older trucks in your fleet, ready to use directly out of the box. With real-time reports or alerts on vehicle performance and driver behavior, Hino’s INSIGHT Telematics is capable of lowering fuel costs, decreasing idle time, and boosting productivity. It’s always watching, monitoring, and delivering critical information to the fleet manager, putting information on both driver behavior and vehicle health into the hands of decision makers 24 hours a day.

FUSO’s Mobileye® Collision Avoidance System tackles driver safety directly by focusing on accident avoidance. The intelligent system monitors different factors to help improve driver performance and awareness no matter where the driver is.  The collision avoidance system gives both audible and visual alerts for speeding and dangerous driving so the driver can take corrective action. FUSO’s website says Mobileye® has undergone rigorous testing that proves it reduces hazardous driving behavior by 50%. The system gives alerts to prevent rear-end collisions and even has the ability to read roadside speed limits, alerting the driver to slow down when those limits are exceeded.

Both FUSO and HINO offer powerful solutions that can change driver behavior and the way fleets are managed as a whole. While HINO’s comprehensive solution can help you manage many factors at a time, FUSO can help increase fleet safety and make accident avoidance a top priority among your drivers. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, then it’s time to speak with your sales specialist at H.K. Truck Center to learn more about your options. We’ll be able to help you with any questions that you may have and make the right choice for your fleet. Give us a call today at (908) 754-3330.

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