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Hino vs Freightliner

Hino vs Freightliner

With so many different makes of medium-duty trucks, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one is best qualified to run your business’ fleet. Here are just a few reasons why we stand behind our choice brand Hino over a well know medium-duty truck manufacturer like Freightliner. We hope you enjoy our competitive comparison of Hino vs Freightliner.

Built for Comfort

Hino is all about functionality and comfort. Even small features can make a big difference in comfort and usability. Take something as simple as getting in and out of a truck. Hino doors open at the perfect angle, not too narrow, as to make exiting the vehicle difficult, but not so wide as to be outside of reach or in danger of oncoming traffic.

Awesome Turn Radius

Now consider drivability; Hino has better turning radius then Freightliner, allowing it to make tighter turns and better maneuverability.

Strength & Safety

Some features cross both use and safety. Hino’s standard PSI frame is set at 80,000, a full 30,000 more then freightliners 50,000 PSI. With rust protected wheels and frame, Hino is sure to stay strong and last long.

Save $$$ On Oil

Hino is full of money-saving and safety conscious features in addition to its parts cost. Hino needs half the oil a Freightliner does, saving thousands over time in oil costs.


As a member of the Toyota family, Hino doesn’t break down as often as Freightliner and replacement parts are far more affordable. Hino manufactures their engine as well as their parts. By being 100% Hino, the engine can be fixed without the potential downtime and hang-ups of having to send the engine away for repair.

Additionally, Freightliner’s extended warranty barely meets Hino’s standard warranty, making Hino the all-inclusive choice. Hino also doesn’t check their warranty against the clock, allowing a huge bonus for trucks that idle frequently, such as mover and delivery fleets. HinoWatch will also cover the truck for three years from the date of purchase, allowing even more peace of mind for both the driver and the fleet owner.

H.K. Truck Center’s one stop shop allows for a huge inventory of parts and fast service. We are proud to be a #1 Hino dealership in New Jersey for service and sales. Hino has been awarded winner of Commercial Truck of the Year for 5 years in a row.

When picking your next truck, make the right choice: Choose Hino.


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