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Competitive Comparison-2017 Hino 195 vs. 2017 Isuzu NRR

When it comes to quality cabovers, the medium duty truck market is fiercely competitive, offering a variety of options for truck fleet managers who need the unique virtues of a compact commercial truck. Leading head to head in the marketplace, the Hino 195 and the Isuzu NRR are often top picks for their size and maneuverability. But which is the best choice?

Using specification data from the Isuzu and Hino manufacturers, the following summarizes key comparison points that potential buyers should consider.

Under Hood & Chassis: Frame & Yield Strength

The Hino 195 has a stronger frame than the Isuzu NRR – 56,900 verses 44,000 PSI, with a greater Resisting Bending Moment – 422,900 in.-lb vs 316,800 in.-lb, making the Hino’s frame approximately 32% stronger then Isuzu’s.

During a Fuel Economy Comparison Test conducted by DWS Fleet Management Services in 2015, the Hino 195 used 10.9% less fuel than the Isuzu NRR. “The Hino performs well with near gross loads performing in the delivery environment that seemed tireless during all the driving and simulated deliveries all day during the test runs,” states Darry W. Stuart, President-and-CEO of DSW Fleet Management Services, while conducting these tests of the Hino and Isuzu. “The Hino was very responsive during all eight of the test runs… Noise levels in the Hino seemed quieter.”

Cab & Cabin: Driver Comfort & Safety

When it comes to space and comfort, the Hino is the clear winner, with two large overhead storage compartments and plush seats. The Hino offers air conditioning as a standard feature, AM/FM Radio with CD Player, Power Windows and Door Locks are just some of the standard equipment available in the Hino. Keyless Entry, Bluetooth, Magnetic Suspension Seat with Armrest and Heated Remote Control Mirrors are all optional equipment, and which are either optional or not available with the Isuzu.

Warranty & Preventative Maintenance

Both the Hino and the Isuzu offer a 2-year / 60,000 mile preventative care package with their new trucks. However, Hino’s warranty is one of the best in the industry, due to their commitment to quality and dedication to maximizing the resale value of their trucks.

In addition, Hino maintains the following unique competitive advantages:

Made by Toyota

Known for their dependability, Toyota is the manufacturer of Hino, with the same reputation for quality and reliability.

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

Hino’s HinoWatch ensures maximum reliability and comes standard with your new Hino truck. Coverage includes a variety of emergency situations, such as a lockout, battery jumpstart, and more.

Hino Insight

Using the latest technology in Telematics by Telogis, Remote Diagnostics, and Case Management, your will be able to track the health of your fleet with real-time vehicle status alerts, a custom dashboard, and industry benchmarking.


Engine Warranty:
Optional Warranty:
Transmission Warranty:


60 Months, 200,000 Miles
84 Months, 150,000
60 Months, 200,000


36 Months Unlimited
Not Available
36 Months, Unlimited


When it comes to pleasing their customers, Hino is in for the long haul. Learn more about the differences between Hino and Isuzu by talking to one of our sales experts today at (908) 754-3330.


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