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Hino Recall

Hino Recall

Hino Recalls Under Warranty

Receive the most up-to-date information about current Hino Recalls. Schedule your appointment with our service center at 908.754.3330.

Campaign Number Description Release Date
AA3A0 P14BF EGR Valve Reprogramming 10/11/2016
AA2M0 17MY Conv. PM Sensor & Engine ECU Reprogramming 05/27/2016
AA2N0 17MY COE PM Sensor & Engine ECU Reprogramming 05/27/2016
AA0M0 11MY-14MY BCU Software Enhancement 10/19/2015
AA0H0 15MY ECU DPR Enhancement 07/1/2015
AA0F 11MY-14MY ECU DPR Enhancement 07/1/2015
AA0Q 16 ECU False P2148 or P2151 DTC Detection 07/1/2015
AA0H 15MY ECU False P0421 DTC Detection 07/1/2015
AA0Q0 16MY ECU DPR Enhancement 07/1/2015
M0280 15MY-16MY Front Axle U-Bolt Replacement 05/26/2015
A9970 05MY-15MY Parking Brake Lever 01/26/2015
A9970 07MY-10MY Parking Brake Lever 01/26/2015
A9930 13MY-15MY COE Hybrid HV Motor Replacement 01/26/2015
AA030 13MY-15MY Voluntary Hybrid ECU Campaign 01/26/2015
A9970 11MY-15MY Parking Brake Lever 01/26/2015
A9990 15MY Parking Brake Damper 01/26/2015
A9940 14MY-15MY COE ABS Reprogramming (Red Brake Warning Lamp) 12/16/2014
T0260 14MY-15MY Voluntary Service Bulletin Air Tank Sensor Inspection 07/10/2014
A9420 14MY-15MY DCU Software Enhancement COE 05/28/2014
A9430 14MY-15MY DCU Software Enhancement 05/28/2014
A9390 08MY-10MY Parking Brake Lever Wear 02/20/2014
A8510 08MY-10MY DPF Replacement 02/20/2014
A8440 08MY-10MY ECU Software Enhancement 02/20/2014
A8310 05MY-12MY Starter Cable Replacement 01/11/2013

Note: This is NOT a comprehensive List of Campaigns / RecallsPlease submit your complete Hino VIN# to to find out if your vehicle has an Outstanding Campaign / Recall


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