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The “Need to Know” of Fleet Management

The “Need to Know” of Fleet Management

One of the greatest challenges a fleet manager can face is the ever-changing climate of the fleet management industry due to evolving technology. It takes time and experience to run a fleet at peak efficiency. Whether you have recently added medium-duty trucks to your fleet, are considering them for future growth, or are a seasoned Hino and/or Fuso fleet veteran, take heed of the following environmental concerns fleet managers are having to face in today’s truck industry.

Fewer Drivers

How can fleet management can overcome the disappearance of CDL drivers? 
The lack of CDL drivers is taking its toll on the trucking industry, making it tempting to risk tickets and use CDL trucks with non-certified drivers. Should fleet owners take the risk? The short answer is no. Both for insurance purposes as well as safety reasons, it is never a good idea to employ a driver without the proper certifications to operate such a large truck. Thankfully, there are ways around the problem for fleet owners suffering from the lack of CDL drivers. In fact, the savvy fleet manager can use this to their advantage by:

  1. Downsizing your Fleet – An emissions-reducing, cost-controlling strategy that adds medium-duty trucks to your line-up, adding maneuverability and gas savings for local deliveries
  2. Hiring Non-CDL Drivers – Most medium-duty trucks are non-CDL and their drivers are not required to receive special certifications to drive. Non-CDL drivers are less costly to hire and are more available for hire.
  3. Tracking your Data – Making the switch to non-CDL trucks and drivers will have its upside, so take advantage of built-in computers that are tracking analytics for you, and use that information to build your next year’s fleet management plan. You’ll be impressed by the results.

Going Green

Can fleet owners adjust to a more environmentally conscious world?
Businesses are becoming more environmentally aware of emissions’ impact then ever before, and the truck manufacturing industry is responding with new advances that  can allow a fleet to be more “green” as well as save money in fuel.

Did you know that…

Preventative Maintenance

How to build a quality plan to keep your fleet running smoothly.
Regular maintenance is a must for a healthy fleet, and if you are not operating under a full-service lease where regular maintenance and service are a part of your planned operating costs, it is critical to put your truck on a preventative maintenance plan and bring your trucks in for service at your scheduled intervals. PM service will keep your truck up-to-date on warranty recalls and quality service providers will go the extra mile by providing a free VIN number report, complimentary maintenance reminders, and regular service discounts for loyal customers.

Check your VIN # today to find out if your truck is due for maintenance or recalls using the following form.


1 Gasoline fuel economy figure from Isuzu’s own test results. Diesel results based on data from the findings of the fuel economy comparison conducted by independent testing agency, Automotive Testing and Development Service (ATDS).


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