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Truckstar Andrew Altobelli, Straight Edge Striping

Truckstar Andrew Altobelli, Straight Edge Striping

Andrew Altobelli is President of Straight Edge Striping, and has not only purchased numerous trucks from H.K. Truck Center, but also taken advantage of our parts and service departments. We are happy to have made such a positive impact on his business! Take a look!

Tell us a little about yourself:

“My name is Andrew Altobelli and I am the President of Straight Edge Striping.”

How many trucks do you handle in your fleet?

“We have about 66 trucks.”

What departments are you most involved with in H.K. Truck Center?

“I’ve worked with their Service Department, Sales Department, and their Parts Department.”

What has your experience been with their Service Department?

“We’re a company that travels a tremendous amount of miles in a season. H.K. Truck Center has been very good in being responsive to addressing the problems with our trucks and getting them in and out very quickly.”

What has been your experience with their Sales Department?

“We purchase both Hino and Fuso trucks. We’ve purchased three trucks this year and three trucks last season. They’ve been very good at securing the financing at great interest rates and meeting delivery time-lines. Our purchased trucks are brand new and customized, so they’ve been very proactive in making sure these things happen in the time-line we need since we are a seasonal business. ”

Who has been your primary contact for Sales?

“Bert. He’s very straightforward; very direct. He makes it very simple. There’s no nonsense.”

What has been your experience with their Parts Department?

“They’ve been responsive and kept us in the loop on things. We don’t have to call them twelve times to find out what’s going on with our trucks. They’ve been proactive in letting us know step by step what we can expect. They’ve demonstrated a willingness to provide discounts both in the way of parts and service. Every dollar is valuable.”

Is there anything you’d like to add?

“Just that I’ve been very happy. They’ve been very helpful in securing financing and other things above and beyond what we’ve needed for the trucks.”

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