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Truckstar Tom Young, BCN Trading

Truckstar Tom Young, BCN Trading

NewBCNTrading-LOGO150xTom Young owns and operates BCN Trading, and has purchased numerous trucks from H.K. Truck Center. He sums it up for those debating on using H.K. Truck Center’s leasing capabilities in the last question. Take a look!

Tell us a little about yourself:
“My name is Tom Young. I’m a sales manager. We import and export food products, such as frozen poultry. ”

How many trucks do you handle your fleet?
“4 trucks. 3 Hino, 1 Mitsubishi.”

What departments do you use in H.K. Truck Center and why did you chose them?
“We use sales and service. We started using H.K. Truck Center because of their location and convenience, plus Hino’s are great trucks. Very satisfied with the brand.”

What other options did you try before working with H.K. Truck Center?
“When we first moved in we did, but we switched to H.K. Truck Center for convenience.”

Where you satisfied with their staff and support?
“Of course. Very satisfied. I mean, we’ve bought four or five trucks off of them so far so they must be doing something right.”

What made you decide to lease with H.K. Truck Center?
“It’s worry-free, especially when the truck has to go in for service. We know we have a loaner so there’s no problems. That’s the most important thing. Our trucks are constantly on the road so we need all four trucks ”

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