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TruckStar John Muskulin, Stop and Shop

TruckStar John Muskulin, Stop and Shop


We interviewed John Muskulin about his experiences with our service team. John Muskulin worked with several different branches of Stop and Shop and has a large fleet to maintain. He has a lot to say about H.K. Truck Center’s service center.

Tell us a little about yourself:
“My name is John Muskulin. I am the transportation manager and work for Stop and Shop in Watchung and Somerset NJ.”

How many trucks do you handle in your fleet?
“We have anywhere from 11-14 trucks in our fleet, some of them are leased and some of them are ours. First we had GMC’s and then Isuzu’s.”

What was your main concern about servicing your trucks?
“We were on a schedule. I knew I had to bring the trucks to H.K. Truck Center for regular services and we would monitor the miles between the both of us. He would check the trucks out to be serviced for everything that pertained to safety. We also would monitor anything the drivers felt was wrong with the trucks, and if we found anything irregular we would bring it in to find out what was wrong.”

How effective is our service department in accommodating your needs?
“They are very cooperative. If it’s something important they make sure they can squeeze me in no matter what there schedule looks like. If it was a regularly scheduled PM we would touch base and meet when we both had down time.”

Which of our dedicated staff served you? Where you satisfied with their support?
“I was working with Don mostly. He was good. I spoke to Charlie a lot as well. They work very well. They even have my cell phone. Even on my days off they would call me and I could try to rearrange things so my company wouldn’t have to worry about it. If something was wrong with a truck he would call me and let me know. We work very well together.”

Are there any last comments you have regarding H.K. Truck Center:
“I have no issue with H.K. Truck Center. They do very well. They service our trucks in a timely manner and the staff seems very professional. If I had my own fleet of trucks I would go to them.”

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