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What You Should Know About the ELD Mandate

What You Should Know About the ELD Mandate

About the ELD Mandate:

By December 18, 2017, the ELD Mandate will be enforced by FMCSA and fleet operations that meet the requirement for this mandate must be compliant. The ELD Mandate requires the installation of an electronic logging device which automatically records a driver’s duty status (RODS) and hours of services (HOS). This is to minimize paperwork and violations when RODS and HOS are being processed.

Who is required to comply to the ELD Mandate?

All CDL drivers who are required to keep RODS. The rule affects interstate commerce drivers who operate vehicles that have:

  • An actual weight or rated weight of 10,000 lbs. or more (single or combination)
  • More that 8 or 15 passengers, depending on compensation
  • Carry hazardous materials requiring placarding

For Your Medium Duty Fleet:

CDL vehicles operating within a 100 air-mile radius and non-CDL operations within a 150 air-mile radius are exempt from following the ELD Mandate. Each time a delivery must be made outside of that radius, RODS must be tracked.

CDL Exemptions to the Mandate:

Exemption from logs and 30 minute breaks apply if the CDL driver:

  • Stays within a 100 air-mile radius of base (including crossing state lines)
  • Return to base at the end of each day
  • Drive no more than 11 hours in a 12-hour span for a minimum of 10 hours off duty

Many medium-duty truck brands provide integrated ELD technology that can be added to comply with the ELD Mandate. Visit the FMCSA website to find out additional exemption information.

If you own a 2017 Hino Truck you have the benefits of driving a connected vehicle with Telogis pre-installed. Telogis meets the requirements of an ELD. Contact Brian Hoffmann at Telogis at or 484-707-1827.

Requirements for the ELDs

  • Data transfers must be encrypted
  • Data must be standardized and easily transferable to law enforcement officials
  • Data elements such as location, mileage, etc. must be uniform
  • ELDs cannot be used to harass drivers or infringe on their privacy
  • ELDs must use evolving, adaptive technology
  • Providers must self-certify to meet tech requirements

Benefits of ELDs

  • Save driver time by reducing paperwork
  • Keep dispatchers updated on a driver’s status
  • Reduce the hassle of a paper log

Disclaimer: This article serves as a reminder and summary of the ELD Mandate. Please refer to the FMCSA’s official website for details.

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