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Leasing vs Owning

Leasing vs Owning

In today’s economy, fleet owners need to focus on the core of their business, which means a heavier emphasis on maintaining the trucks that run their everyday commerce. Trucks are a vital integration to business, yet now more then ever they have become much more complicated and much more complex to repair and maintain. That’s why more and more H.K. customers are choosing leasing.

Freedom from Irregular Maintenance Costs

Leasing takes the responsibility of truck maintenance out of the business owner’s hands and puts it back on the experts maintaining and keeping that truck on the road, maximizing the uptime for a business. No longer having to pay sudden and unexpected maintenance costs, leasing avoids the spikes and valleys in the years 3, 4, 5, and 6 of repair bills. Instead, the truck owner has a constant, steady payment stream over the course of the lease term.

The H.K. Advantage

So what makes leasing with H.K. so special? H.K. Truck Center offers full service leasing; a vehicle customized to the client’s needs. We maintain everything: from the vehicle and registry requirements, DOT requirements*, IFTA reporting, vehicle washings, and replacement vehicles so the customer is never without a vehicle for an extended period of time.

Customize Your Plan

HK Truck Center’s unique ability to customize itself around the customers needs gives us a hefty edge over our competitors. We can customize a vehicle and our systems, whereas larger leasing companies only have a few pre-packaged choices. Like the old square peg with a round hole, these packages are only beneficial for a very specific type of business or customer. This forces the customer to conform to their leasing companies demands instead of what works best for their needs.

Instant Service; Instant Solutions

When problems arise, H.K. Truck Center is built to solve them quickly. Consider instances where there is either a service problem or a discrepancy with billing. When contacting larger leasing companies, business owners are usually dealing with a local manager who usually doesn’t have the ability to make a decision on the spot as to what can be done to rectify the situation.

H.K. Truck Center is a one stop shop: It’s personalized attention to the customer. If your sales or service rep is not available, another H.K. representative will quickly make a decision, rectify the situation, and get the customer’s needs met.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Additionally, H.K. Truck Center avoids the many bill-backs that larger leasing companies will try to put back on the customer. While accident damage is a worthy expense, small repairs tend to be billed back to the customer by larger leasing companies quite a bit and at a much higher rate.

H.K. Truck Center avoids this as often as possible. Instead, H.K. Truck Center instills a system we call ‘Proportionate Billing’, minimizing bill-backs to the customer. Here, we understand that leasing is a long-term relationship, and it should be a good one. Our goal is to ensure that when it comes time to renew, our customer’s will not hesitate in choosing H.K.


*H.K. Truck Center supplies the installation of the DOT number on the vehicle. The customer is responsible for obtaining and maintaining their DOT number. 

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