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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Avoid Unpredictable Bumps in the Road:

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance pertains to the service, repairs, inspection, and any other action taken to preserve the longevity of a vehicle. Set to minimize future problems, regular Preventative Maintenance maximizes productivity and is an important part of keeping your vehicle on the road. PM Programs can be run in 2 very different ways: proactively and reactively. A proactive PM program maintains pre-scheduled, regular PM sessions aimed at preventing problems before they start. Reactive PM programs schedule a maintenance session after a break-down or due to a problem.

Some people may argue that regular maintenance adds cost, but in truth, preventative maintenance programs are the most effective way to cut the potentially exponential costs of an unpredictable break-down. Regular maintenance stops simple repairs from becoming costly disasters. More importantly, maintaing a vehicle could prevent a lot more than unpredictable costs.

Vehicles that become run down and dangerous can become a hazard to drivers, making them just as essential as drivers safety programs. Hazardous vehicles turn into owner liability, which can go as far as prosecution for negligence. If a case where vehicle maintenance is in question comes to court, PM programs could be the ultimate deciding factor in liability and lawsuits. Preventative maintenance is very important, and getting the right kind of program is just as important as making sure you have one.

Your PM program should contain the following:

Pre-Scheduling- You should  know when your vehicle receives PM and how much time passes between each visit.

Checklist Tasks- You should know exactly what will happen, what was reviewed, and what to expect.

Driver Written Inspections/Complaints: You, as the fleet owner and/or operator, should be able to provide your drivers with an opportunity to lodge complaints or concerns that they, as the primary users of the vehicle, have noticed.

Trusted Service Professionals: You should know that the mechanics working on your vehicle are factory trained technicians that have a thorough knowledge of the subject and are able to address your concerns.

Records: You should be able to look back upon previous PM sessions for signed off records, for both liability and personal use, either upon request or upon the completion of a PM session.

Make Preventative Maintenance a regular part of your fleet’s health and get ahead of unpredictable bumps in the road!

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