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Are You in Control of Your Fleet Maintenance Costs?

Are You in Control of Your Fleet Maintenance Costs?

Transportation Topics and our very own NationaLease are among a few of the experts publicly recognized the overwhelming cost effectiveness of leasing. An unpredictable cost when maintaining a fleet can damage business and push deadlines. Leasing a fleet, rather then owning one, cuts down on unpredictable headaches.

In addition to the maintenance responsibility itself which naturally comes from owning a fleet, good technicians are just not as easy to come by as in the past. There can be a wait on repairs, price gouging, and unnecessary additions to maintenance cost when sending a company truck out to be serviced. Many companies attempt to cut down on fleet maintenance by purchasing new trucks, but with the price of new technology that can be a big investment and may force a company to out-source specialized mechanics.

So where does leasing fit into all of this?

Leasing allows for an up-front investment at minimal costs, allowing a companies money to go in other, more necessary places. When the truck needs a repair, the company who owns the truck immediately takes care of the repairs. The better the health and longevity of the truck, the better off both the company who own the truck and the company who lease it. Leasing a truck, by it’s very nature, has to be an up-front and honest procedure, and those who lease can rest-easy knowing their truck is being taken care of. A stable, reliable payment takes the place of unpredictable cash outflow.

To better stabilize this payment, many companies are attempting to make leasing more hassle-free for their clients by tying together Emergency Roadside Assistance and a Maintenance-Scheduling package. A symbiotic relationship is created, with natural checks and balances that form partnerships between companies. As trucks continually upgrade with new technology, many companies that previously trusted in-house shops prefer to send the truck out to be worked on. Now, the dealership that specializes in their brands and technological advancements is maintaining your fleet. 

H.K. Truck Center fully believes in the benefit of leasing a truck. With our emergency 24/7 roadside assistance program, we will not only maintain your fleet but keep your company up and running no matter what. If your leased truck is down for repairs, H.K. Truck Center will set you up with a discounted rental rate to maintain your work-schedule while we take care of your truck. As a proud member of NationaLease, we provide flexible leasing options to fit your business’ needs. Whatever your business, whatever your logistics, we promise to exceed your expectations.

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