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Truckstar Dennis, STS Tire and Auto Center

Truckstar Dennis, STS Tire and Auto Center

We asked Dennis from STS Tire and Auto Center to give a quick talk about his experience with the Service Center, and it was business as usual! Thank you, Service Staff, for making happy customers. Welcome, new TruckStar of the Month!

Tell us your name and title:

“My name is Dennis and I see that the vehicles are maintained at STS.”

How long have you been with STS?

“22 years.”

Tell us about your fleet.

“We have about 15 regular trucks and a handful of cars here. Altogether, at this location, we have about 35 vehicles, but in terms of the H.K. Trucks we have about 15.”

Did you purchase those trucks from H.K. Truck Center?

“Some of them, not all of them. In the recent years we’ve been buying them. There are three Fuso’s, the rest are Hino. Generally speaking the Hino’s we prefer over the Fuso’s”

So you do service with H.K. Truck Center as well as order parts?

“Yes, we do service with them. Not so many parts because we don’t do the service ourselves.

And what is your experience with the service department?

“They’re good! We haven’t had any problems. Overall we’ve been working with them five or six years now and we are happy.”

Who are your contacts there?

“The Service Manager, Don. Then there’s Keith and Charlie. Those are the three guys I know.”

Are you happy with the service?

“Yes. As i said, we’ve always been pretty good there. No problems”

How does servicing your trucks or purchasing your trucks impact your daily service operations? Are your trucks on the road every day? Do they require frequent maintenance?

“Well, yes. Everything is kept to the maintenance procedures that they suggest. We have not too many extra trucks so we have to get them down there and back quickly.”

Do you work with anyone other than H.K. Truck Center for your trucks? How does it compare?

“We have another person who does some basic services and we have other trucks besides the Hino’s but the ones we bring down there are fine. The newer trucks we take to them, definitely, but some of the older models that they don’t service we keep up here. We do a little bit of both.  It works out pretty well. H.K. Truck Center seems to be more thorough. Over the years we’ve had a number of trucks down there. I’ve also rented trucks with them and generally speaking every thing is great.”

interview by Three Summers Creative

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