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South Plainfield High School’s Career Mentoring Day

South Plainfield High School’s Career Mentoring Day

HK Truck Center is proud to announce that President Henry Knabe Jr. has been invited to participate in South Plainfield High School’s Career Mentoring Day, Friday, February 24, 2017 in the high school Library and Information Center. Mr. Knabe has agreed to be on the panel discussion during which students are invited to come forward and ask questions of panelists about their profession, experience and education.

President Knabe knows the importance of meeting with students because tomorrow’s technicians are today’s undergrads. “We have hired recent graduates in the past,” he said, “and will continue to do so.” Recent graduates include technician Aidan Wiggin who proudly states: “I studied to be a mechanic at Lincoln Tech. After graduating, H.K. Truck Center gave me an opportunity to grow my career as a mechanic.”
This is not Mr. Knabe’s first visit to students as he participates in these types of events such as at South Plainfield’s Lincoln Tech as often as possible. “I am looking forward to participating in the South Plainfield High School’s Career Mentoring Day. We are always looking for talented mechanics and there are good jobs out there for kids looking to break into the trucking industry.”

He is honored to be part of this tradition and has stated his motivation is rooted in watching people succeed. This comes as no surprise as it is the same motivation HK Truck Center uses to keep trucks on the road and customers successfully doing their business.

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