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Truckstar Peter Chuang, Ferma Flooring

Truckstar Peter Chuang, Ferma Flooring

Peter Chuang, Senior Accountant of Ferma Flooring, has worked with H.K. Truck Center for their lease trucks. After a long time searching for a truck provider, they chose H.K. Truck Center and told us a little about their experience thus far!

Tell us a little about yourself:
“My name is Peter Chuang. I work for Ferma Flooring in Edison, NJ and I am the Senior Accountant here. I’m responsible for all of the logistic arrangements.”

How many trucks do you handle in your fleet?
“We have four trucks. Two are leased with H.K. Truck Center.”

When did you start leasing with H.K. Truck Center?
“We started leasing a little over a year ago and we recently added another truck. It has been going really well.”

Which other departments have you worked with?
“I’ve also worked with the service department if there was ever a problem with the trucks or if we needed to schedule maintenance.”

What was your main concern when picking out a company to lease your trucks with?
“Not so much concern, but rather convenience. H.K. Truck Center had loaner trucks available.”

Did you try any other leasing solutions before you came to H.K. Truck Center?
“The past few years we were looking at the leasing options that were available. We found H.K. Truck Center logistically was the closest to us, which makes it convenient for us to drop off and pick up the trucks instead of driving an hour to go to a different location.”

Who has been your customer service representative? Were you happy with their service?
“Don, Keith, and Charlie. Yes! Very happy.”

How effective was our team in accommodating your needs?
“They are very accommodating. Any time there’s a problem with our truck they will accommodate us very fast. In terms of the loaner truck, Michelle in the leasing department tries her best to make it available for us most of the time.”

Is there anything you’d like to add?
“We are very happy with our leasing solution through H.K. Truck Center.”

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