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Truckstar Jamie Taylor, West Windsor Township

Truckstar Jamie Taylor, West Windsor Township


Jamie Taylor is Superintendent of West Windsor Township Public works and took advantage of our NJ State Contract to purchase a new truck from H.K. Truck Center!

Tell us a little about yourself:

“My name is James Taylor. I am the Superintendent of West Windsor Township Public Works. I’ve been working there for 6 years.”

How did you first get introduced to H.K. Truck Center?

“Through the NJ State Contract. We were searching for a vehicle and found them off the list.”

Given the variety of truck bodies available for the Hino State Contract, how satisfied were you with the truck configuration?

“I was very happy; Very pleased with the truck. It’s a rack body truck, 18 foot.”

How much time did it save you to use the NJ State Contract as opposed to bidding?

“We usually never put a truck out for bid. We use the state contract. I think it saved us about 120 days.”

What did you like best about working with H.K. Truck Center?

“The people were great. Everyone was very helpful, even the people who put the truck body on for them. Everything went very smoothly. There were no problems at all. Everyone was very pleasant and very helpful.”

Which of the staff members was your account manager?

“I worked with Joe Campoli. I was very satisfied with his support.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

“I’m very pleased with the way everything went. If I had to, I would definitely recommend them, in fact I already did to other municipalities looking for trucks. ”

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