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Truckstar Steven Resnick, Resnick Distributors

Truckstar Steven Resnick, Resnick Distributors

Steven Resnick Distributors




Steven Resnick, President of Resnick Distributors, made a big switch from full-service leasing with other companies to adopting (mostly Hino) trucks from H.K. Truck Center into his fleet. From one family owned and operated business to another, he sheds a lot of light on the H.K. Advantage!

Tell us a little about yourself and your business:

“My name is Steven Resnick, and I am the president of Resnick Distributors. Resnick Distributors is a third generation family owned convenience store distribution business. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, everything from operations to finance and sales. Right now there’s two other brothers from my family in the business and about 140 employees. We’ve grown a lot over the years and have been very successful. Now we operate out of a 100,000 square foot building with refrigerated and frozen storage as well as trucks to deliver everything you would find at a typical convenience store.”

What does your business fleet look like?

“Our fleet is highly varied, consisting of around 23 trucks ranging from tractor trailers to straight trucks and vans. There’s probably somewhere around 13 or 14 medium duty trucks. I purchase Hino’s primarily from H.K. Truck Center. ”

What is the primary use of your medium duty trucks?

“We deliver to a varying customer base, and the medium duty trucks maneuverability is a huge advantage. They can service locations in areas where it is more difficult to get a tractor trailer, such as the inner city.”

Resnick DistributorsResnick Distributors Resnick Distributors







What other options did you try before working with H.K. Truck Center?
“Prior to H.K., I was full service leasing all of my equipment. About 2 years ago, we thought we should get away from that and look at our options. We considered our choices very carefully, knowing that we needed more than just good service, so that’s when we settled on H.K. The fact that they were a truck dealer as well as offering full service leasing and regular service was very appealing. We also thought the Hino was our best option for a smaller or medium duty truck. We’ve had no issues so far.”

How does H.K. Truck Center’s services stack up with other companies who have provided similar services for you?
“With other companies, it’s more difficult to separate financing with service. It just isn’t as clean. The big thing I like about H.K. is that they are the dealer for the truck, they service the truck, and they offer full service maintenance all for trucks customized to fit exactly into our fleet. A lot of the other truck companies don’t necessarily have those options.”

Who is your primary contact at H.K.? Are you satisfied with their service?

“Bert’s been the person I primarily work with and I’m very happy with him. He’s been good and very responsive. Being a family business like we are , the fact that the owner makes himself available to help you is really great.”

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