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Winterization Is Coming…

Winterization Is Coming…

WINTERIZATION IS COMING – and with the last of the warm weather upon us, now is the time to prepare for dropping temperatures and icy storms. Winter can be extremely hard on large trucks, which still have to navigate the highways and side roads despite snow and storms. Hino and Fuso truck dealerships are doing everything they can to maximize safety and minimize hazards, but it’s up to truck owners to bring their equipment in for winterization.

So why send your truck in for winterization to the dealer?

Simply put, using a dealership can save you money.

Now is the time of year when dealerships are offering special packages for those preparing for winter by offering Winterization Maintenance.

Individual truck manufacturers have specific guidelines for cold weather winterization methods.

Having a certified parts and service department for your truck model is key to catching these otherwise missed hazards. A good example is the Mitsubishi Fuso diesel engine model using urea-based diesel exhaust fluid for emission control systems. The DEF has a freezing point of 12 ºF, so trucks driving in more northern locations can experience problems if a factory-trained professional does not address this. Luckily for truck dealers, most of H.K. Truck Center’s medium duty trucks are designed with tank and line heaters to accommodate for the DEF, but these lines must be checked and maintained along with the rest of the vehicle for optimal performance.

It’s all about the details and a thorough winterization checklist.

Tires, brakes, wipers, washers, defrosters and heaters need to function at 100% to effectively increase visibility and traction on the road as well as keep the driver warm and safe. Batteries, charging and cooling systems, and block/oil heaters keep the truck running smoothly and should be tested and cleaned before cold weather sets in. Chips in windshields and fractures in glass can grow in size as the truck metal expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations, meaning a small scratch can become a windshield replacement if not addressed immediately. Due to the cold and slow-moving traffic, it is extremely important to make sure all lines and exhaust systems contain no leaks, decreasing risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is extremely important to provide extra maintenance in winterizing your vehicle. Far more important then the extending the life of your truck, you could be extending the life of your drivers and those who commute around them. Winter is coming, but that does not mean we are not ready for it. Call (908) 754-3330 and press 2 or visit to schedule your Winterization Package today.

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