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Truckstar Rudy Giordano, City of Orange

Truckstar Rudy Giordano, City of Orange

Rudy Giordano from the City of Orange Township purchased a brand new Hino off the State Contract and was eager to talk about his experience with H.K. Truck Center!

Could you tell us your name and how you were involved in the state contract purchase?

“My name is Rudy Giordano and I am a mechanic for the City of Orange Township. I was the one that handled everything with the truck during delivery. I had a partner go inside and do the paperwork. I also drove the truck back to the garage.”

How did it drive?

“The ride was nice. I enjoyed it.  On the highway, due to the height, it does sway a bit, not bad, but due to the wind you’re going to sway a bit no matter what you’re driving. Overall it was good!”

Do you have someone else operating the truck?

“Yes. I only have 4 guys operating it regularly. They are the only ones I can count on not destroying everything.”

Could you describe their experience?

“They are very pleased! Everything is good. Everything is working beautifully; It’s nice. Everything is nice and easy to operate. I’m trying to talk them into getting another one. ”

Any last comments?

“The best experience was when we picked up the truck and met the people who came outside to go over the truck with us. They were excellent. They were professionals. The young lady (Carla from Sanitation Equipment Corp) that was there was awesome. The mechanic and sales person were great. Everybody was fantastic!”

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