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TruckStar Pete Alves, Johnny on the Spot

TruckStar Pete Alves, Johnny on the Spot

Pete Alves runs a popular industry that everyone can relate to! With sensitive cargo and a sunny attitude, he had a lot to say about H.K. Truck Center and our valuable parts department! Read for yourself:

Tell us a little about yourself and your company?

My name is Pete Alves and I am the Fleet Manager for Johnny on the Spot.

How many trucks do you have in your fleet?
On the Johnny unit I have 80 power units.

What are your main concerns about servicing, sales and parts for your trucks?
Being a seasonal company, down time can impact our business tremendously. I keep 99% of our fleet running through the summer. We need to have our trucks be dependable and so when one goes down, we need a very quick turn-around. H.K. Truck Center has been tremendous at turning around my equipment. Every time I take a truck there, they know I’m pressed for time and they always seem to make room for me and turn the truck around real quick.

How do truck parts impact your business’ daily operations?
I keep a fairly large inventory on hand, but when it comes to something out of the ordinary I expect them to get it for the next day and they seem to be able to do that.

What solutions did you try before coming to H.K. Truck Center? What makes us different from our competitors?
Other dealers seem to lack on inventory and personal touch. I felt like just another customer. That’s where H.K. Truck Center came into play with quick turn around and informative staff that knows you need the truck to make money.

How effective is our parts department in accommodating your needs?
Every time I ask for something I get an effective response, even if they have to make a special delivery out to me and they’ve done that quite a few times. With other dealers you don’t get that. If you don’t get there under their terms then you don’t get that truck part for the day. With H.K. Truck Center, I can call them and they send somebody out my way with the part. That’s a huge plus for us.

Which of our dedicated staff served you? Where you satisfied with their support?
That’s hard to say, I deal with so many of them from service to sales. It’s usually Charlie in service and Vanessa and Bert on truck sales. If they aren’t available it’s not a problem. They have a very dedicated staff over there.

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