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Truckstar Jeff Lombardi, Aaron & Company

Truckstar Jeff Lombardi, Aaron & Company

This TuckStar is our good friend Jeff Lombardi of Aaron and Co! He is a long time client of almost 15 years and had a lot to say about H.K. Truck Centers turn-around time, as well as his experience with their Service and Parts Department. Take a look!

Tell us a little about yourself:

“My name is Jeff Lombardi and I work for Aaron & Company. I have two titles: Fleet Manager and I am the supervisor for handle return goods for their warranty department.”

How many trucks do you handle your fleet?

“About 30 trucks.”

How does your work involve H.K. Truck Center?

“I work with their Parts, Rental and Service departments. We do rent from them if we need it. Usually, we don’t have to because their turn-around time is really good. They provide good service.”

Who do you work within the Parts and Service Department?

“Charlie and Donny are probably the two guys I deal with the most. Those guys do a great job. They really care about our trucks and keeping us on the road. They are very informative. They generally will shoot me an email with all the details explaining what’s going on with the truck and all the repairs, etc. Or they follow up with a phone call.”

What solutions did you try before coming to H.K. Truck Center?

“Before H.K. we were mainly dealing with one of their competitors. We’ve dealt with their competitor in the past and we really were not getting what we expected from them. The turnaround was horrendous, to say the least, so we decided to make the switch to H.K. Truck Center.”

Were there any other differences between H.K. Truck Center and their Competitor?

“H.K. Truck Center provides better service and reliability. They offer a courtesy car, which is great to transport the guys back and forth as opposed to sending two guys over and having to worry about picking up a driver. I’d say overall there is 100% difference between the two.”

How effective is the Parts and Service Department in accommodating your needs?

“We have no problem. They do a phenomenal job. If we do need something special that they don’t stock, they will get it for us the next day. We don’t have any problems in which we feel the parts department is lacking.”

Is there anything you’d like to add?

The entire staff is very friendly. They are willing to work with you. Bert’s my salesmen. He does a great job. We just purchased three new trucks and one was just delivered. The owner actually came with Bert to pick them up. We’ve been with them close to 15 years. I definitely would recommend them to someone else and I have in the past.”

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