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Truckstar Richard Grant, Hunterdon Brewing Company

Truckstar Richard Grant, Hunterdon Brewing Company

Truckstar Richard Grant has benefit from H.K. Truck Center’s service center with a fleet of almost thirty trucks! Richard Grant carries a lot of insight on how turn-around and maintenance can cause a big financial shift, and how important it is to service your trucks properly. Read more on what he has to say–

Tell us a little about yourself:
“My name is Richard Grant and I am the operating manager at Hunterdon Brewing Company. We are a craft beer distributor from the state of NJ.”

How many trucks do you handle your fleet?
“We have approximately 21 delivery trucks, 2 freight trucks, 4 delivery trucks. About 27 trucks total.”

What was your main concern about servicing your trucks?
“I would have to say uptime. Just to make sure that all these trucks are being turned around on a frequent basis for preventative maintenance.
We need to get the maximum use out of the vehicles. We don’t have use for something sitting in the parking lot waiting to be repaired. We turn it around as quickly as possible.”

How does truck service impact your business’ daily operations?
“It is a huge impact. If we don’t have our trucks running we lose money. On average we are sending out $20,000 on every vehicle, so if I have a truck that can not go out because of something, yes we can get it out the next day but in my opinion that’s still a $20,000 loss.”

What solutions did you try before coming to H.K. Truck Center? What makes us different from our competitors?
“Before we had internal staff doing and staying on top of maintenance. That just wasn’t cutting it so we starting contracting with H.K. Truck Center for the maintenance of the trucks, but also doing on site services for the trucks for us. That seems to be catching all the little bits and pieces that slip through the cracks on a regular basis. H.K. Truck Center is different from their competitors by the willingness to work with us. There is no bad idea with them. They are willing to work with pretty much any idea we come up with. They bend over backwards when and where they can. More than anything else, the difference is in the customer service. ”

Which of our dedicated staff served you? Where you satisfied with their support?
“I’m the operations manager so I have another guy that works for me, Lou, who deals with a lot more people on a regular basis, but the two that I deal with are Charlie and Henry. I’m very satisfied with their support. Absolutely. The Service Center is very affective in handling my needs.”

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