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Kane Brewing Company is coming up on its 10-year anniversary, located in Ocean Township, New Jersey. Derek Fleming is in charge of the distribution company and has been working for Kane for 5 years now. Since they started, they only focused on delivering beer in New Jersey. All of their trucks are refrigerated so the beer stays cold and is taken care of. They started brewing 3 beers and are now brewing 50 beers a year and distributing them all around the state.

How many trucks do you have in your fleet?

We have 6 trucks for our wholesale business and 3 trucks for the retail business.

Which departments at HK Truck Center have you worked with?

We have worked with the Sales department and Service.

What is the main concern about the care of your trucks?

We’ve run our company pretty thin, so we have the exact number of trucks and the exact number of drivers to service the entire state of NJ for the demand of our beer. It’s really important that when they go in for servicing they come out when they’re supposed to. HK does a great job with that and the transparency.

What solutions did you try before coming to HK Truck Center? What makes us different from our competitors?

We tried a bunch of different people since I started with Kane. We were looking for a shop that stands by its word and its work. We actually found HK by chance. We broke down and that was the closest Hino service center. So, ever since we went there we continue to go back. They have been great ever since. Don and his team do everything they say they’re going to do and more.

How effective is our team in accommodating your needs?

Very effective. They haven’t let us down yet. Our trucks get done quicker than expected and they’re really transparent with any of the work that needs to get done or any of the warranty work that they see need to get done. They’ve saved us a lot of money!

Which of our dedicated staff served you?

Don has been our point person for most of it, along with Pete. Vanessa has been very helpful and Bert in sales is awesome. We just bought another truck from them!

Were you satisfied with their support?


Are there any stories or examples you would like to share about your moving experience with HK Truck Center?

Most recently we had a truck breakdown that wasn’t a Hino – it was one of our older trucks in our fleet. We took it over to them and they quickly looked at it and were ready with solutions. The truck was filled with beer and we had about 20 stops to make that day in that 1 truck. We got a rental, got our guy back on the road to make those stops, and in any other situation, the beer would have had to go back to the brewery and we would have had to figure out how to get it out later that week. It would have been a logistics nightmare, so they saved us. Now, that truck that we’re renting we’re buying! So, it worked out very nicely.

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