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James Madsen, Territory Sales Manager at TD Marketing in Edison, NJ was happy to be our next Truckstar! TD Marketing is in the Food Service Industry, made up of 15 seasoned individuals with extensive knowledge of the Tri-State Marketplace and the products TD Marketing represents.

How many trucks do you have in your fleet?

We have two trucks in our fleet right now. We have a 16-footer and a 22-footer.

Which departments at HK Truck Center have you worked with?

I have worked with Michelle in rentals, leasing, the service department with Pete and Keith, and all the guys in the service! They do a wonderful job getting stuff done as quickly as they can including updating me on parts and keeping me in the loop. If my truck is in the shop and I need a loaner, they have one for me, and we just developed a really nice relationship.

What is the main concern about the care of your trucks?

We want it done right and we want it done right the first time and get the biggest bang for our buck. We’ve used various different places and we stopped using everyone else because we are confident that HK gives us the best price and best service in a timely fashion.

What solutions did you try before coming to HK Truck Center? What makes us different from our competitors?

We had two different trucks. One was gas and one was diesel, so we had to bring them each to different shops. They were 15-20 miles away, so it was a bit of a hassle. Having one place to do everything makes it easier for everyone and it’s not too far from our office so it’s convenient. HK is very on point.

How effective is our team in accommodating your needs?

They’re great and they always keep me in the loop. They’re transparent, honest, and very forthright and tell you what you’re up against but giving you the pricing before they work on it. It’s a nice relationship that we have on both the rental side and the service side. I can’t say enough about how good they are in terms of how quickly we get our trucks back when we need them.

Which of our dedicated staff served you?

Michelle, Keith, Pete, and the whole service team!

Were you satisfied with their support?

Yes. Everyone is very solid, very nice when we walk in the door, and they work quickly and well.

Are there any stories or examples you would like to share about your experience with HK Truck Center?

We had a major problem with catalytic converter theft. We had ours taken out, so we had to rent trucks of various different sizes. Everything went relatively smooth and we had to do this for about 3 weeks. People were making thousands of dollars cutting these out of trucks. There were times we were doing projects and we had to swap trucks of different sizes in and out to help us and HK Truck Center was great, helping us with this.

Another time, we had a driver lock the keys in a truck while in New York City and had no way of getting into it besides breaking the glass. We brought the truck right out of the city right to HK and in a few hours, they called and said the truck was ready to go. This also included preventative maintenance.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We have nothing but raving reviews for HK and the service that they do. Everything that we ask for, they do. It can be tough to find in our industry, but HK has it all.

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