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The 2020 Hino 268A is HOT!

The 2020 Hino 268A is HOT!

H.K. Truck Center is proud to offer the 2020 Hino 268A to its customers. The 2020 Hino 268A is a medium-duty truck created by Toyota Group Company. There are many attractive features of the Hino 268A, perhaps the most unique of which is that Hino manufactures its vehicles right here in the United States. The Hino 268A is built in West Virginia and with the level of American-made quality that Hino customers have come to know and love.

As for features beyond its American construction, the Hino 268A offers a plethora of attractive capabilities.

Hino Insight

The 2020 Hino 268A includes Hino Insight, a 1-year monitoring system that comes with every new Hino vehicle. The best part about Hino Insight? This feature is free of charge.

2020 Hino 268A Horsepower and Transmission

The 2020 Hino 268A is equipped with a 6 cylinder, 230 horsepower engine. As for the transmission, the Hino 268A comes with an Allison 2200 series transmission.

2020 Hino 268A Simplicity and Accessibility of Operation

Hinos are very simple to drive, and Hino prides itself on its easy-to-operate vehicles. Additionally, H.K. Truck Center carries Hino trucks with the same accessibility in mind. The 2020 Hino 268A offered by H.K. Truck Center boasts easy access to the truck’s cab.

The Hino 268A also features large, wide steps, as well as grab handles on both the inside and the outside of the truck. These features allow drivers to easily enter and exit the truck. The inside of all new Hinos, including the 268A, have an air suspension seat. Hino focuses on quality vehicles that make life easier for truckers and the companies for which they work. The Hino 268A’s interior certainly keeps comfort in mind.

2020 Hino 268A Modern Convenience

Beyond comfort, the 2020 Hino 268A also offers modern convenience. Vehicles come standard with power windows and door locks, tilt-and-telescopic steering wheels, as well as air conditioning. This truck also comes standard with AM/FM, CD, and Bluetooth capability. In today’s modern world, it’s important to keep up with the cutting edge of technology. With the 2020 Hino 268A’s base features — including the much-desired Bluetooth — drivers can stay entertained, engaged, and alert on the road.

2020 Hino 268A Chassis Options

When it comes to the Hino 268A’s chassis options, there are quite a few ways in which you can tweak this truck. If you’re looking for a large fuel tank capacity, you are able to upgrade your 2020 Hino 268A to a fuel capacity of up to 90 gallons. Air brakes — which are still non-CDL on the 268 model — are also available for upgrade on the 2020 Hino 268A.

The Hino 268A’s body can be customized to your needs as well. Additionally, we can adjust the truck to have a van body, reefer body or flatbed body, depending on your needs. This truck features optional aluminum wheels with wheel bases that can be modified to your preferred length from 152 to 271 inches. Simply put, any size truck body can be accommodated on a new 2020 Hino 268A.

2020 Hino 268A Safety

Hino, much like all vehicles created by Toyota Group, takes safety very seriously. The 2020 Hino 268A has an extended front bumper as well as daytime running lights. Beyond convenience and comfort, Hino focuses on creating trucks that are cutting edge.



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