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When is Leasing Better than Buying?

When is Leasing Better than Buying?

In today’s economy, fleet owners need to focus on the core of their business, which means a heavier emphasis on maintaining the trucks that run their everyday commerce. Trucks are a vital integration to business, yet now more than ever they have become much more complex to repair and maintain. That’s why more and more fleets are choosing leasing.

Monthly Cash Flow:

Leasing takes the responsibility of truck maintenance out of the business owner’s hands and puts it back on the experts maintaining and keeping that truck on the road, maximizing the uptime for a business. Owners no longer have to pay sudden and unexpected maintenance costs. Leasing avoids the spikes and valleys in the years 3, 4, 5, and 6 of repair bills. Instead, the truck owner has a constant, steady payment stream over the course of the lease term.

Comprehensive Maintenance:

Good leasing providers include maintenance that covers a lot: from the vehicle and registry requirements, DOT requirements*, IFTA reporting, vehicle washings, and replacement vehicles so you are never without a vehicle for an extended period of time. If your fleet does not have a maintenance program or facility, leasing may be a good option for you.

Customized Equipment Options:

Pick your leasing provider wisely if you are looking for a truck with exacting specifications. A good leasing dealership will build a truck tailored to you. On rare occasions, purchasing outright or financing highly specialized equipment may be required. Ask your preferred dealer what their policy is for truck customization under their leasing program.

Commitment for the Long Haul:

Leasing clients get top priority as a long-term partner in the successful care of the leased vehicle. Both parties have a vested interest in keeping the cost of ownership to a minimum.

Leasing is a long-term relationship, and it should be a good one. The choice to lease verses own is less about which vehicle you choose and more about which dealership you select to lease from. A complimentary fleet analysis can help determine what option is best for you


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